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About Us 關於我們

Bright Solution Consulting Limited was established in 2009 with the vision of providing quality professional services to client. We provide services that combine professionalism and innovation to achieve the target of completing works in the shortest time, in good quality and in the most cost effective way to meet and often exceed client's expectation.

Our professional services include Authorized Person, Licensing, Minor Works, Design and Project Management, Building Repair and Renovation, Expert Report, Water Seepage Investigation, Facilities Management and Beam Pro Consultancy.

We are also expert of green building products and we can offer green building strategy to clients in different settings.

卓劃顧問有限公司 的成立宗旨是提供一站式的優質專業服務給客人。我們把專業和創意融為一體,務求令每一個項目都可以於最短時間,最優質和最具成本效益的方式去達到甚至超越客人的要求。我們提供的服務包括認可人士、各項牌照申請、小型工程、設計及項目管理、樓宇維修及翻新、專家報告、滲水檢測、設施管理和綠建專才顧問等等服務。此外,我們亦非常熟悉環保建築產品及材料並可以為客戶提供綠色建築策略及方案。

Mission 宗旨  

We strive to provide the best service to our Client and we uphold professional integrity in delivering our services.


Corporate Social Responsibility 企業社會責任  

Bright Solution Consulting Limited was established to provide full range of building surveying consultancy services to both private and public clients in Hong Kong. Being a professional consultant and as a responsible corporate citizen, we place high importance to adopt Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles in all our business practices.

卓劃顧問有限公司 的成立宗旨是提供全面的優質專業服務給私人和公營機構客戶。作為是一位專業顧問和一個負責任的公司公民,我們將企業社會責任放置於一個很高重要性的位置。

Policy 方針

As a corporate citizen based in Hong Kong, we strongly believe that our long term success is built on a strong sense of responsibility for our clients, stakeholders and the larger community of which we are an integral part. We are committed to contribute to the enhancement and preservation of the environment and the welfare of the community of Hong Kong. To achieve our goals, the following principles are developed and to be followed:


Compliance and enhancement of our staff's level of engagement, health and safety, wellness and personal development.
Devote efforts in the conservation of energy and natural resources, reduction of waste and minimize emissions at both corporate and individual levels.
Ensure fair competition in all business activities and proactively reports conflict of interests immediately, treating fairness as the top priority instead of profits of the company.
Ensure fairness to all genders, different nations, healthy or disabled and the minorities in all our business activities.
Respect human rights and place high emphasis on integrity of staff.
Encouragement of staff in participation of volunteer works and grant full pay leave to them to support community development activities.
Continual monitoring and improvement through active participation and proactive encouragement.

Involvement of Staff 職員參與

Top management and all staff of the company are fully comprehend with the Corporate Social Responsibility Policies and will follow the requirements of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy in performing their tasks and will ensure the policy is supported and maintained.

This Corporate Social Responsibility Policy will also be communicated to our clients, suppliers and contractors.




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